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Our inks are manufactured to match the inks in the OEM (original)cartridges. Different cartridge inks will likely differ in viscosity, surface tension, chemical composition, and shade from other inks. This way we ensure that you have the best quality inks available with performance the matches the originals.

Promoters of "One Size Fits All" inks are simply trying to reduce the inventory they have to carry -- and your print quality will suffer because of it.



Discount Bulk Inks

Welcome to Discount Bulk Inks - a subsidiary of Printer Filling Station

We sell discounted bulk printer ink in Pints, Quarts, and Gallons for high volume users.
Currently we only Ship within the USA

No refill instructions are included with bulk inks - if you need refill instructions, go to www.RefillInstructions.com
Our inks are formulated to specific cartridges to match the original cartridge ink formulation - you should see no difference in print quality.
Our inks are manufactured here in the United States.

What we sell:

Brother Bulk Ink
Canon Bulk Ink
Dell Bulk Ink
Epson Bulk Ink
Hewlett Packard Bulk Ink
Lexmark Bulk Ink
If you don't see your inks
   listed please contact us.

Our Bulk Ink Prices:









Pigmented Black








If you own a printer you know just how expensive buying new ink cartridges can be. With every colourful page that comes out of your machine you can probably see the dollar signs flowing out just as quickly. The truth of the matter is that buying new ink cartridges from the manufacturer of your printer means that you are spending hundreds of unnecessary dollars. The solution to this problem: discount ink.

Whether you need Epson ink or Lexmark ink, discount ink is the solution to all your budget woes. You may worry about the quality of the ink used in refill kits. And since you are spending your hard earned dollars, you are absolutely right in doing so. What you need to do is find a company that offers you a 100% money back GUARANTEE. So if you are unsatisfied with your product you can easily claim your money back. Honest companies are the way to go.

Always stay on the lookout for a company that promises to manufacture their Epson ink or Lexmark ink to match the inks in the original printer cartridge. The reason to look out for this manufacturing promise is that cartridge inks from various manufacturers will display a difference in viscosity, surface tension, chemical composition and shade. When it comes to discount ink “one size fits all” is NOT a theory that can successfully be applied. Only purchase discount ink from a company that displays high levels of effort and quality workmanship to provide customers with exactly the product they need.

Epson ink or Lexmark ink refill kits are much cheaper than new cartridges. With the current economic issues, you really want to try to cut costs wherever you can. Of course buying discount ink means that you have the opportunity to spend the extra money elsewhere – either for necessities or those little luxuries you may have been missing out on.

Purchasing Epson or Lexmark ink refill kits will not rob you of the high print quality you desire. Continuous product testing by discount ink companies provides the consumer with quality that is equal to the original. In some cases you may find that the quality is even higher than your original printer cartridge! Of course the thirty day money back guarantee mentioned before means that there is virtually no risk in giving a Lexmark or Epson ink refill kit a try. The only way you’ll be able to test the kit for yourself is to make a well-informed purchase.

The benefits of discount ink refill kits reach further than your own pocket. The appearance of more consumable products on the market leads to the lowering of waste. By purchasing your own Lexmark or Epson ink refill kit you will be doing your bit for the environment. Not only will your pocket be a little fuller but you’ll have the great feeling of doing something worthwhile for the world we live in. Using these discount ink refill kits is another simple way to “go green”.

Another great benefit of using discount ink refill kits is that not only will you receive high quality print outs, but you’ll also notice that your ink stretches further. Manufacturers of these kits understand how expensive it is to constantly refill cartridges so they endeavour to find a solution to this problem. Your discount Epson ink and Lexmark ink may stretch twice as far as your original cartridges. This saves you even more money.

While Epson ink and Lexmark ink refill kits definitely save you a substantial amount of money, there is a way to make your money stretch even FURTHER. Many companies sell bulk discount ink. Purchasing a bulk order means that you could be cutting your costs even more. These orders are perfect for large offices, schools and small businesses.

While you’re busy looking for ways to cut costs, you may want to look out for discount ink manufacturers that offer special discounts. These companies are often the ones that already offer unbeatable prices for almost three times as much ink as others.

You can start saving money and the planet today. Simply purchase your own Lexmark ink or Epson ink refill kit and you’ll notice the results almost immediately.

Sincerely, Gordon Lewis



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